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    THE OFFICE SUPPLIES is one of the premier high quality office furniture suppliers in UAE. THE OFFICE SUPPLIES brings you sophisticated office systems for a wide range of uses - Executive offices, Ergonomic workstations, Boardroom & Meeting Room Tables, Reception Counters  Chairs & Sofas, Filing Cabinets ,System Partitions & Furniture...

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    Our Office Stationery Division is one of the largest suppliers of complete office stationery products in the UAE. With the establishment of the Stationery Division by THE OFFICE SUPPLIES. Through the decades of hardwork and experience, we are one of the leader of office supplies in the market...


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    THE OFFICE SUPPLIES provides all the tools and Knowledge to improve the efficiency of your daily work. For Office Automation Technology THE OFFICE SUPPLIES  has established strong relationships with manufacturers and brands in the industry from Europe which allows us to ensure the most advanced and reliable technology and services to our clients with our complete range of Office Equipments... 


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    THE OFFICE SUPPLIES with a division for commercial Interior Decor Designing and  Executing with Turnkey Interiors works in the UAE. We manage to build from the conception phase through to completion for customers. We provide our clients with materials & services for office & shop interior projects...


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Division is a Professional,Creative & Dedicated design team with  an abundance of commercial experience of years. As a result of this combines for expertise in the field of graphic designing.


The Office Fitout
is considered as one of the leading companies in the field of Designing and executing with Turnkey Interiors works in the UAE.We manage to build from the conception phase through to completion for customers. 


The Office Technology Business Systems | Comet System Solutions specializes in providing professional quality business solutions to clients in this region. 


The Office Softnet is a professional, Creative Graphic Design division with a dedicated team of graphic designers with an abundance of commercial experience. 

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